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To Pass Your Driving Test
Rob Nichols Driver Training - Helping You Pass 1st Time

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU PROCEED. Yes we can help you pass your driving test, but more importantly we do not want to see photos of flowers laid at the scene of your crash printed in the Mansfield Chad. When you join Rob Nichols Driver Training you can also receive free refresher lessons after you have passed your driving test. No one else in Mansfield offers this safety promotion. Please ask for details.

You want to get your driving licence so you can get on with driving and do all the great things passing your driving test allows you to do, however there are so many different driving schools to choose from who is going to be the best option for you?

Well here at Rob Nichols Driver Training before you even leave this website you are going to learn.

1. How to pass first time
2. How you can save yourself over £500 on passing your driving test
3. How to make sure you don't take more driving lessons than you need.

You are also going to get introduced into our type of driving lessons, you can watch the videos and see just how easy we help you with learning to drive. And if you did not think that was enough, we are also giving all of our students a TRIPLE GUARANTEE which no other driving school does in the Mansfield area.

The Beauty Of Driving

The thing is about driving is it is gong to change your life forever. It isn't just about being able to get up to West Notts College easier in the morning, you are not even scratching the surface there! This is about better jobs, better living, going away with your friends at weekends,meeting new people and bringing freedom and independence into your life. And here at Rob Nichols Driver Training we are going to give you amazing driving lessons so you can be a brilliant driver.

Beginner Lessons

Your beginner lessons are so important, actually the first few driving lessons are crucial to helping you  pass your driving test at the first attempt and to be a safe driver for life. This is not the time to think " I will give them a go" if you join our driving school you best get ready to buckle up because you are going on a life changing journey that you are going to love. A journey that takes you from being a novice driver into someone who has passed their test with flying colours.

Confidence Building 

If you are a learner driver who has already been taking driving lessons either with a different driving school in Mansfield or perhaps with friends and family then you believe you don't need to start again. And you are right. Unlike some other driving schools in Mansfield and the local area you will be put on a part trained course, where we go in depth only on the areas you need. So that means we re going to save you time and money. How good is that?

- Confidence Building Driving Lessons 

Not every learner driver can jump in the front seat being already to go and start learning. In fact many drivers are not that confident with sitting behind a steering wheel, pedals and controls. Lets face it, this can be quite daunting...and we have not even thought about the traffic yet! But we have a special set of driving lessons to help you take control and feel comfortable.

Since all driving schools look the same and we are not we want to put our money where our mouth is "so to speak" therefore we are offering you a TRIPLE Guarantee. In short, if you do not pass your driving test at the first attempt, we will pay for a second test. If you are not happy with your driving lessons we will refund you. And after you have passed your driving test just because e want you to be really sure about driving, we give you free refresher lessons. 

Who else offers that? No one in the local area.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Pass Promise
  • 2 Year Driving Lessons Warranty
  • Beginner Lessons
  • Part Trained Lessons
  • Driving Test Rescue
  • Confidence Building
  • Intensive Driving Lessons
driving lessons mansfield
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Driving Lessons Mansfield

So here you are living in Mansfield and wanting to pass your driving test, well the first thing you should need to know is the driving test centre we'll use is in Sutton just off the A38. That means when you learn to drive with me you are not just being restricted to the local roads you are going to experience pretty much everything. The reason why I have such a good pass rate is because I teach you how to drive safely. And you know when you pause for a moment and think about it, that is exactly what the driving test is all about. Give me a call.

Driving lessons Mansfield

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Driving Lessons Sutton In Ashfield

Are you ready to start learning to drive and pass your driving test? Because I'm ready to show you how to take to the road and pass your driving test the easy way.

I'm going to show you how to drive on your driving test on your first lesson, this is not being giving you a demo. This is you learning the four factors to passing your test and we are going to use them on all driving lessons.

By the time you get to your driving test you are going to be prepared, confident and natural. I'm going to give you everything you need so you can impress the examiner. Give me a call.

Driving lessons Mansfield

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Driving Lessons Kirkby In Ashfield

I'm the guy who teaches people how to pass their driving test from the first driving lesson. You might be thinking why start off with the difficult stuff when you have never even driven before...But it is not that. I'm going to show you what the driving examiner wants to see on your driving test and we are going to use that as a basis on every single driving lesson.

Many people fail their test on nerves, but that will not happen to you. Because the way I teach you to drive you will be driving without my help and support before the driving test anyway. So when you do meet the driving examiner he or she is just going to be another passenger as you fly through your driving test.

Call me to find out more

Driving lessons Mansfield

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Driving Lessons Forest Town

Are you ready to change your life forever?
You because it is hard to tell the difference between driving schools and you are not sure which one to choose make sure you read about my triple guarantee. But what we are going to do right now is assure you of how you will pass your driving test.

I think you will agree the test is there to make sure you can drive safe, so on your first driving lesson we look at the four factors of driving safe,make sure you understand it and we'll use that all the ay through your driving lessons.
So as you learn to drive everything is going to just drop into place, you will know why you are doing certain things and you will pass so much quicker.

Driving lessons Mansfield

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Driving Lessons Shirebrook

Passing your driving test is sure going to be an amazing thing to do, and while so many people will fail their test Im going to make sure you will pass right from your very first driving lesson. You the driving test is just a measure of how safe you are, so I am going to show you the four factors to driving safely and we'll do this on every lesson.

Everything you learn will be based on these four factors and it means when you go into your driving test you will have the skills and confidence of a natural driver. That is exactly what you want.

Call me today!

Driving lessons Mansfield

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Driving Lessons Ollerton

learning to drive in Ollerton has never been easier with my driving lessons. Right from your very first driving lessons Im actually going to teach you how to pass your driving test, let me show you how...

The driving test is a measure of how safe you drive, and there are four factors to being a safe driver that the driving examiner is going to be looking for. So what you are going to be doing right from the first driving lesson? You are going to understand those four factors and use them on every single skill you need to be able to drive.

Learning to drive this way means you will go into your driving test as a natural driver and with the best opportunity of getting your licence. Call me.

mansfield driving lessons

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Driving Lessons Rainworth

To pass your driving test you need to prove to the driving examiner you are a safe driver, no many learners go into their driving test being able to drive but not understanding the 4 factors of being safe. That is why when you take driving lessons with me you have a great chance of passing first time.

On your first driving lesson you will understand what the factors are and you will be able to use them on each and every driving lesson. This means when you go into your driving test you will be a natural driver, calm, in control, prepared and confident.

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