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To Pass Your Driving Test
Rob Nichols Driver Training - Helping You Pass 1st Time

Did you know only 25% of learner drivers are going to pass their driving test at the first attempt, and every day 50% of all diving tests end in a fail. If you want a better value for your money the read what I have got to say... 

You want to get your driving licence so you can get on with driving and do all the great things passing your driving test allows you to do, however there are so many different driving schools to choose from who is going to be the best option for you?

Well here at Rob Nichols Driver Training before you even leave this website you are going to learn.

1. How to pass first time
2. How you can save yourself over £500 on passing your driving test
3. How to make sure you don't take more driving lessons than you need.

You are also going to get introduced into our type of driving lessons, you can watch the videos and see just how easy we help you with learning to drive. And if you did not think that was enough, we are also giving all of our students a TRIPLE GUARANTEE which no other driving school does in the Mansfield area.

Since all driving schools look the same and we are not we want to put our money where our mouth is "so to speak" therefore we are offering you a TRIPLE Guarantee. In short, if you do not pass your driving test at the first attempt, we will pay for a second test. If you are not happy with your driving lessons we will refund you. And after you have passed your driving test just because e want you to be really sure about driving, we give you free refresher lessons. 

Who else offers that? No one in the local area.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Pass Promise
  • 2 Year Driving Lessons Warranty
  • Beginner Lessons
  • Part Trained Lessons
  • Driving Test Rescue
  • Confidence Building
  • Intensive Driving Lessons