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To Pass Your Driving Test
Rob Nichols Driver Training - Helping You Pass 1st Time

Do you want to end up in a mangled heap on the floor after smashing your car...
Or are you prepared to read this website for 30 seconds, so you can see how we will help keep you safe?
Its your skin...its your choice

At Rob Nichols Driver Training we are going to amaze you, yes you are going to be a safe driver, yes you are going to pass your driving test, but we have 2 bigger aims.

1. After you have passed your driving test as a newly qualified driver this period of time represents the greatest at being in a road traffic incident. This is a fact and it published by many sources including the DVSA. At Rob Nichols Driver Training we give you free refresher lessons for up to 2 years after you have passed the driving test, phone us for more details. 

We do not want to see you in a mangled mess.
We do not want to see the back end of your car hanging out of a tree.
We do not want to see flowers left at the scene of your crash in the Mansfield Chad.

2. Many people want cheap driving lessons in Mansfield, and yes you can save £1 or £2 per lesson, but following our structured learning you can save well over £500.

So as a driving school in Mansfield this is what we are about.
Helping you pass your driving test, keeping you safe on the road even after the driving test, and showing you how to reduce the cost of driving lessons in Mansfield by learning smartly.

Since all driving schools look the same and we are not we want to put our money where our mouth is "so to speak" therefore we are offering you a TRIPLE Guarantee. In short, if you do not pass your driving test at the first attempt, we will pay for a second test. If you are not happy with your driving lessons we will refund you. And after you have passed your driving test just because e want you to be really sure about driving, we give you free refresher lessons. 

Who else offers that? No one in the local area.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Pass Promise
  • 2 Year Driving Lessons Warranty
  • Beginner Lessons
  • Part Trained Lessons
  • Driving Test Rescue
  • Confidence Building
  • Intensive Driving Lessons