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Terms and Conditions

The money back guarantee

Only applies to the lesson you are on, therefore if it is during the second hour of a 2 hour lesson, the second hour will only be refunded.

Once you have activated the money back guarantee, your instructor will ask the reason(s) which you were not satisfied with the service provided.  By activating this clause you agree to then terminate the lesson at that point.

You will receive a full refund for the lesson and then the lesson will be concluded irrespective of whether it is at a specified finishing point or not.  No future lessons will be carried out, and any future bookings will be cancelled.

If in the middle of a block booking, historical lessons are not refunded.

The money returned to you will be the total amount paid initially minus the amount of hours in the block booking already taken prior to the lesson commencing, multiplied by the standard rate of £27 per hour.

Pass Promise

You must have completed a minimum of 30 hours training with Rob Nichols Driver Training.

You will be required to have passed your theory test within 12 weeks of your first lesson.

You must have taken and passed a mock test prior to your first attempt, and then the test must be taken in the instructors car.

The test must be booked in accordance with the instructors rules and time schedule ensuring availability.

You must commit to regular 2 hours per week, if you are unavailable one week due to being ill or on holiday etc, then this must be made up in the following weeks pre-test.

If you do fail the test at your first attempt then you will be required to take a minimum of another 6 hours of tuition before your next test.

The instructor has the right to give 3 hours of tuition instead of paying for the test fee.

2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty

Starts from the day that you pass your test with Rob Nichols Driver Training.  You are entitled to receive 3 hours of free tuition per year for 2 years.  No hours can be carried over to the second year.

All tuition must be taken in your own fuelled and road legal car.  The date and time of the tuition must be agreed with the instructor to accommodate their availability.  The tuition can not be exchanged for cash value, nor transferred to a third party.

Not applicable for Pass Plus or Motorway lessons.

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